Utah Professional Fitness and Nutrition Coach Amanda Comstock
Training downtown Salt Lake City and 2 locations in Park City
completed her BS/exercise and sport science degree
at the University of Utah, and has 4 NASM certifications.
In addition to being a Personal FitnessCoach, Amanda is a certified nutritionist who specializes in fat loss,
posture corrections and back/neck pain relief through myofascial release
and correction training techniques.   With over 10 years of professional fitness and nutrition coaching, her
passion is guiding people toward their physique transformation goals,  improving mobility, and achieving a pain-free life.  Outside of the gym,
Amanda enjoys outdoor activities like skiing and hiking.

Utah Professional Fitness and Nutrition Coach Amanda Comstock

Amanda Comstock

Utah Professional Fitness and Nutrition Coach Amanda Comstock

University of Utah,  Bachelor of Science / Exercise & Sport Science Exercise and Sport Science is an interdisciplinary field of study with historical roots in physical education, which formally came into existence in 1885.  As an interdisciplinary field of study we attempt to understand movement from the perspective of a performer (e.g., gymnast, basketball player, runner, etc.), a practitioner (e.g., athletic trainer, fitness leader, teacher, etc.), or a scientist.

NASM certified Personal Fitness Trainer, I can help you set realistic goals and transform your health.  I will help you make lifestyle adjustments that will allow for continued success and growth.   All aspects of a healthy lifestyle will be addressed, including cardiovascular health, weight training, and nutrition.

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) Prevent Injuries: Research suggests foot and ankle, knee, and shoulder injuries are more common now than 40 years ago.   Studies show the NASM-CES is effective at improving movement efficiency. No other functional movement systems have demonstrated the ability to correct faulty movement patterns.

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist Knowledge is key.  Separate truth from fads and diets. Proper nutrition is important in any fitness goal.  

First Aid and CPR certified

 Amanda Comstock Salt Lake City Professional Fitness and Nutrition Coach