Top 5 ways to lose weight fast

Weight Loss is a ScienceLose weight fast

Are you trying to lose weight fast and aren’t sure of the best way to go about it?  Losing weight (body fat) is a science, but not just a simple math problem (think calories in vs calories out, etc) like many want you to believe.  Your metabolism is not a calculator.  Crash dieting or exercise marathons won’t get you  far; that approach will have you re-gaining that weight, plus more — sooner or later.  Many factors unrelated to calories come into play when it comes to weight loss.

Here are my top 5 ways to lose weight fast!

  1. Get plenty of sleep, every night.  ‘Plenty’ is 8-9 hours.  The time spent in bed awake doesn’t count…. Why does sleep even matter, you ask?  Do you skip out on sleep for social events, work, family, or even to get in that workout?  Well, DON’T!  When you are sleep deprived (even 1 night!) it sets a negative hormone profile that makes you crave sweets, store more fat particularly around the stomach, zaps energy levels and motivation, increases stress hormones, and increases insulin resistance.  Sleep has zero calories, yet it’s #1 on my list.  It’s that important so don’t shrug it off!
  2. Drink lots of water — and only water.  Do not drink sodas of any kind, sports drinks of any kind, juice, etc.  Coffee, unsweetened tea, and sparkling water is ok.  Fat loss occurs in an aquios environment.  Thirst is also frequently mistaken for hunger which can lead to over-eating.  Dehydration also causes strong cravings for sugary and salty foods.  If water seems boring to you, put a squeeze, lemon, lime, or orange in it.
  3. Focus all meals around protein, vegetables, and healthy fats.  Eat 6-8 cups of organic vegetables daily!  (Start with less and work your way up to 8 so your digestive system can adapt.) Protein doesn’t necessarily have to be meat but it certainly helps.  All protein sources should be of high quality: grass-fed/organic.  Tip #1: Eat your carbs later in the day (post workout) rather than in the morning!  Tip#2: Do not slash calories! EAT.
  4. Strength training and intervals are always favored over steady-state cardio.  A more muscular body is usually a leaner body and has a fit and healthy appearance.  Intense intervals such as sprints, strongman exercises, and sled pulls or pushes are amazing for cutting fat fast!  And the good news with intervals is they’re short and over quickly!
  5. Be consistent with a nutrition plan and workouts.  Excuses for missing workouts or eating off plan is unacceptable if you are serious about your goals.  You CAN do it!  That being said, don’t beat yourself up about mistakes – just move forward and stay positive.



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