Rumble Roller Gator review

Rumble Roller Gator Review

By amanda comstock | April 15, 2017

Rumble Roller Gator review.  I’ve tested the newest addition to the Rumble Roller product line, the Rumble Roller Gator.  I’m loving the smaller size (in length and in circumference) making it easier to pack & carry to the gym or traveling.  I find it to be more user friendly and my clients at the gym…

best exercises shoulder injury

Best exercises for Shoulder Injury

By amanda comstock | July 7, 2016

What are the best exercises to fix my shoulder injury? Shoulder injuries can cause significant muscle atrophy in the upper body, decreased range of motion, stiffness, even difficulty sleeping due to pain.  The shoulder is very delicate, therefore exercises should start conservatively and progress appropriately on a case by case basis. I break up these…

Stretching Exercises for Back Pain

Stretching Exercises for Back Pain

By amanda comstock | July 6, 2016

Stretching Exercises for Back Pain. Not only does stretching feel good, stretching is also one of the best ways to relive back pain. Stretching relaxes of the muscles that are pulling on your back and adding to the discomfort or and pain.  These 6 exercises have helped my clients with their back pain. 1.  Stretch your abs…

relieve post-injury pain

Top 5 ways to relieve post-injury pain

By amanda comstock | June 10, 2016

Lingering pain following an injury or muscle strain can keep you from progressing in your workouts/sport and even engaging in the things you enjoy.  Or, maybe your pain comes from lifestyle issues such as a sedentary job or lack of exercise.  I understand lingering pain very well due to multiple injuries over the years and…

10 exercises to relieve low back pain

By amanda comstock | December 29, 2015

Relieve low back pain Low back pain is common and can be debilitating, keeping you from engaging in your favorite activities.  Low back pain is usually caused by a variety of factors including a weak core and tight muscles… Desk jobs, poor posture, driving, couch sitting, and even repetitive exercises (such as biking) may be…

Exercising while injured

Exercise while injured

By amanda comstock | May 17, 2015

Challenging, but doable Last week I broke my foot when I tripped carrying heavy luggage down stairs.  An injury such as this obviously makes life in general challenging at best; daily activities such as cooking, shopping, and bathing are not done with ease any longer.  Simple tasks can seem daunting.  And as for an exercise…