Injury Recovery and Weight Loss Success Stories

 Injury recovery and weight loss success stories


Tara Lindley

Before I found Amanda, I could not stay committed to working out.  I was trying to train for a mountaineering trip, but what I had thought was carpal tunnel, was causing me so much pain and discomfort during my workouts that I couldn’t make any progress.  I was so discouraged, I started losing motivation to even try anymore and I knew the only way I was ever going to be able to get ready for this trip was if I found professional help. I started looking online for trainers that specialized in overcoming injuries and ended up clicking on Amanda’s link.  After our first meeting, she told me that I probably didn’t even have carpal tunnel at all, but was having problems with tight muscles pinching nerves in my shoulder and neck which was causing problems down the line in my wrists.  I was skeptical because this is not the type of solution I’ve ever heard from a doctor-or anyone, for that matter.  But I trusted her and followed her methods of how to properly stretch and within weeks, was finally feeling relief in my wrists!  In addition to the effective stretching, Amanda coached on healthy eating and whipped my butt into shape for the mountaineering trip and I ended up climbing and hiking stronger than ever!

Throughout this journey, I have learned some important things that have contributed to my health, well-being, and positive self-image: 1). When you are experiencing pain, there is probably nothing wrong with that body part at all, but the problem probably lies farther upstream and can be addressed with proper stretching; 2). Lifting heavy weights will not make a woman bulk up but will in fact make her feel amazing in her tank tops and skinny jeans!; and 3). Proper eating and getting enough sleep are imperative to see results from the hard work you put in to reach your goal.  Amanda is so knowledgeable about all of these things and has been there for me the whole way through.  I am convinced that I never would have been able to reach my goals and overcome the hurdles if I hadn’t found her.

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Nancy Traylor 

When I met Amanda, I was just finishing up physical therapy sessions for multiple injuries and surgeries.  The P.T. had gotten me through the basics but I needed more..  Amanda worked with me and safely progressed me in weight and difficulty. My leg press strength increased by 30lbs in 4 weeks.  Since training with Amanda I have gotten stronger and feel better.  If you are trying to get better from an injury, I highly recommend Amanda to safely get you there.

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injury recovery and weight loss     Weight Loss Success Stories


Karen RochaKaren Rocha

Diet is key! I had to learn this the hard way. I gained 60lbs with my little girl and I was hitting the gym 5 days a week, vigorously, for almost a year. I would constantly be on the treadmill and lifting heavy weights. I dropped 20lbs within that time, but it wasn’t enough. I decided to contact Amanda after feeling like giving up. The problem wasn’t my exercise routine; it was my diet that was screwing me over. I wasn’t eating enough protein to match up the amount of exercise I was doing. My carb intake was higher than protein, so my body would go into survival mode due to lack of enough intake. Therefore, it would store everything I ate to fat. I had no idea that that was going on with my body.Thanks to Amanda, her knowledge and straightforwardness. We managed to set up a plan for my diet. Within two weeks of following the diet, I could notice a difference in my body and mind. I felt lighter and healthier.I now attend the gym 3 days a week with NO CARDIO, and I feel amazing! The mommy pooch is almost gone! Which is the area I need most help with, and you can’t get abs without a great diet. I absolutely hate the treadmill. I avoid it at all costs, but by following my diet, I don’t need it!

So thank you Amanda for kicking my butt, and setting me straight.

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Emily Brown
I trained with Amanda for 3 years, even through my pregnancy. She is an amazing trainer. I loved how she took time to work with me when i was not getting the results I expected. She would look at what I was eating and how we could tweak it in order to reach my goal. She is also very focused on lifting properly and effectively. This is the key to training so you will not get hurt. She loves pushing you to your full potential, whether it be how much you can lift for bench press or how fast you can do it. She never lets you quit on yourself. I would highly recommend her to train anyone.

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Julia Requarth
In the past 8 months, I have lost 55 pounds all thanks to Amanda and a lot of hard work! She took the time to sit down and figure out my goals and made a personalized plan to help me achieve them. Amanda is always pushing me to work harder in the gym without ever putting me in compromising situations where I could get hurt. She takes the time to make sure that I am using proper form and not rushing through exercises. During our sessions, she is completely focused and never distracted (even when I am trying my hardest to sneak in a little extra break). She also taught me and continues to teach me a great deal about nutrition and how to build a lifestyle around eating healthy that can be maintained for the long term. She keeps the workouts fun and different always challenging a different muscle group from the last one. She has truly changed my life and I would highly recommend her!

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Monica Sareminouri
When I started training with Amanda I weighed around 258 lbs, after about a year I was down to 178 lbs! This lady is tough stuff. She worked around my very inflexible schedule, coached me on my nutrition, but more importantly kicked my ass. She kept me motivated when I didn’t want to be and pushed me when I needed it. At one point I had re-injured my back after years of chronic back problems. She was amazing, she knew when to push me and when to encourage me to rest. She even did research to determine where I had weaknesses and helped me regain strength in my back. Although she is tough and she is also very sweet. Amanda will get you results the healthiest way possible! Amanda even got me prepped for my Wedding Day. I told her the areas I wanted to work on, and the pictures speak louder than words.

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Amanda will help you set injury recovery and weight loss goals and be there to help you reach them.