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Workout tips for beginners

Beginning a workout program can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  As a beginner, progress can be made quickly.  This is great for motivation.  However, the array of gym equipment, conflicting training styles, and conflicting nutritional information can be really confusing.  If you’re wanting to begin a fitness program and need some basic…

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10 tips to stick with training

Motivation-Monday January is the busiest time of year for health clubs.  People sign up for memberships with good intentions: to exercise more, to eat better, to get healthier, to stick with training.  But after the first few weeks of the year, about a third are struggling to show up even once a week.  After several…

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Importance of workout recovery

Prioritizing workout recovery Workout recovery is an often overlooked key component of an exercise program.  It’s an impatient society we live in.  We know what we want, and we want it NOW.  “More, more, more!” seems to be what’s on our minds: more exercise, more cardio, more caloric restriction.  And when “more” doesn’t work, it must mean it’s not enough…

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Carpal tunnel relief today!

transverse carpal ligament compressed median nerve

What exactly is carpal tunnel? First, let me explain in simple terms what carpal tunnel is.  It is a pinched nerve – the median nerve – that runs from the base of the skull right behind the ear, down the side of the neck, down the front side of the shoulder, bicep, and forearm to…

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Post holiday workout at home

In a post holiday workout rut?  Dust yourself off and get moving! Feeling guilty for too many indulgences this holiday season?  Time to move on – and get moving!  We are half way through January – no more excuses.  This post holiday workout is fast and can be done with minimal space and equipment! Do…

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Upper body lower body split training

upper body/lower body split

Are you bored with your routine or have you plateaued? If you work the same combos of muscles each day on a weekly schedule, you are probably due for a change. It’s time to incorporate upper body lower body split training.  Working the same body parts in the same order will not only get boring, but…

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Killer glutes workout!

Glutes Workout

This glutes workout will have you looking good, but functioning better! Building your booty isn’t just good for aesthetic purposes (although that in itself is a reason), having great glutes can significantly improve overall lower body strength and form on lunges, squats, and deadlifts.  In addition, having strong hip muscles will reduce back pain, which many…

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Boot camps exercise – is it right for you?

boot camps

Boot camps: HIIT taken even higher Exercise “boot camps” seem to be really popular these days.  Typically boot camps are 60 to 90 minutes of high intensity burpees, jumping jacks, sit-ups, box jumps, sprints, and push-ups.  Don’t get me wrong — I’m all for HIIT, but there’s a right way and a wrong way of…

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lat pulldown / exercise demo

Lat Pulldown

Lat pulldown: get the form right I like the “narrow grip” lat pulldown because it is easier for most people to get the form correct than the wide grip.  This is usually because tight pectoralis and levator scapulae muscles cause poor form in the wide grip.  Using poor form will prevent the correct muscles from…

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Sculpt your back with this workout!

sculpt your back

Summer is here!  While working your back is important for posture, it’s also important to focus on working your back at the gym to look your best during the summer, when swimsuits and sundresses are IN!  This routine will sculpt your back and give you the confidence to bare your back all summer long. To…

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Downhill skiing fitness training

skiing fitness

Design your own program to improve skiing performance and prevent injuries We are only a couple weeks away from the beginning of ski season!  Is your fitness level up to par?  Aside from having fun, most skiers have two main goals: to improve performance and endurance on the slopes, and preventing injuries.  The limiting factor…

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Benefits of Pull-ups

benefits of pull-ups

What are the benefits of pull-ups? There are many benefits of pull-ups, and they require little to no equipment. They are one of the best exercises for building upper body strength.  Doing pull-ups help increase upper body stabilization and is valuable in many sports like football, swimming, and even running or biking.  Having a strong back improves posture, makes the spine less…

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Women and fat loss

women and fat loss

“I don’t want to get bigger, so I’ll focus mostly on cardio to burn fat” Women often have the misconception that low-calorie diets combined with high amounts of aerobic exercise is how to get smaller and leaner.  For women and fat loss, this is a myth.  This approach might work in the short term, but…

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Mixing up your workout routine

workout routine

Are you bored with your workout routine? People who are bored with their workouts are shown to be more likely to quit.  It’s also likely that if you are bored you are at a plateau with your training goals, whether the goal is performance-based or weight loss/getting healthier.  This can feel like you’re just spinning…

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Exercise during pregnancy

exercise during pregnancy

exercise during pregnancy Pregnancy is such a beautiful and life changing experience.  It’s so exciting, anticipating the arrival of a new baby, but can also be a confusing time for the mother when it comes to exercise prescription.  What’s safe, and what’s not?  What types of exercises are the most beneficial for mother and baby,…

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Rumble Roller Review

rumble roller review

Which is better, the foam roller, or the Rumble Roller? If you have very sore muscles or are tight, regular flexibility and deep tissue work  is very important. .  We all get tight.  Staying tight will inhibit range of motion which can limit performance, increase risk of injury, and give us annoying aches and pains.…

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High Intensity Interval Training Workout (HIIT)

Warm up Begin with a 5 minute warm-up.  Jogging, body squats or lunges, and light weight overhead dumbbell presses to warm-up the upper body.  If your muscles feel tight, I would recommend using a foam roller to loosen up before you start the High intensity interval training workout. The High Intensity Interval Training workout: 10…

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High Intensity Interval Training – Reap the benefits of HIIT!

Think you have “no time” to exercise?  Think again – (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training  is perfect for anyone who has a busy, hectic life and is challenged to find time to exercise!  With HIIT, you can get an amazing, fat-burning workout in just 20-30 minutes! HIIT involves alternating between short but very intense bouts of…

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One-arm dumbbell row

one-arm dumbbell row

One-arm dumbbell row is basic yet effective exercise to build a strong back.  The one-arm dumbbell row targets the upper and lower lats, the rhomboids, the trapezius, and rear deltoids. Build your back strength One-arm dumbbell row Here’s how to properly perform the one-arm dumbbell row: Using a flat bench, place the left knee on…

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