Below is a collection of documents that have helped my clients achieve their fitness goals the most over the Last 12 Months.

From the Desk of Amanda Comstock


written on 1/20/2019


My Name is Amanda Comstock and I am a Personal Fitness Trainer at 2 Park City locations and a Salt Lake City location.  Over the last decade I have been guiding people to reach their fitness goals.

So... Why do I do what I do?

When I first started out I enjoyed working out but didn't know much about weight lifting, therefore I did primarily cardio machines.  I would mix in some circuit weight machines and stretching.  I also didn't know much about a healthy diet. My goal was to be lean and fit looking, but I wasn't seeing any results. I got some advice from a fitness professional, who recommended that I began lifting heavy weights followed by minimal cardio.  I started seeing results!

I was Interested in fitness.  I studied at The University of Utah for an exercise and sport science degree where I learned all about physiology, anatomy, and human movement, and nutrition.

On top of my exercise and sport science degree...  I gained a lifetime of injury rehab education from my own injuries... tally up a broken elbow, injured back, broken wrist, broken foot, and c-section... yep I've had to "start over" that many times!  Injuries can both physically and mentally break you.  I understand the rebuilding process to safely recover from a variety of injuries as well as the mental aspect of recovery. I studied for a corrective exercise certification.  This experience has allowed me to help so many people with their back and neck pain, which is so rewarding.

I've been professional fitness coach and nutritionist since 2006. My focus is on effective strength improvements and muscle building for fast results!

I understand injury pain, fat loss, strength training principles, and nutrition very well and I will do my best to help you get through it. I've written a few powerful articles below to help you do just that.  Best of all, my client success stories speak for themselves!

In these special articles I show you how to

Another highly effective article I wrote will help you  with fat loss

I think you're really going to be utilize the information in the articles and blow it out of the water just like my other amazing clients have this year.


Amanda Comstock

Personal Trainer