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Myths about fat loss

Myths about fat loss

By amanda comstock | Jan 30, 2018

More Americans are exercising than in previous decades, but they aren’t losing weight. People have access to healthy food at a reasonable cost, but they are not healthier. More than ever, people have access to vast quantities of information (the Internet!!) on diet and exercise, but they aren’t putting resources to good use. Why are…

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How to get Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

By amanda comstock | Sep 6, 2017

What is proper nutrition for an expecting mother to give her baby a head start in a healthy life?  The health of the baby depends on everything you do.  To grow, the baby depends on nutrients from the food you eat.  With this new responsibility, you now want to know what is, and how to,…

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IDLife products Personal Trainer Amanda Comstock

Why I Choose IDLife products

By amanda comstock | Jun 25, 2017

Why I choose IDLife products, because they’re quality!  As a fitness professional, I’ve been pitched a lot of products and supplements through the years.  Rarely do they measure up to my standards.  A few months ago I was introduced to the ID Life products line and like always, I was skeptical at first. The ID…

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Workout tips for beginners

By amanda comstock | May 29, 2017

Beginning a workout program can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  As a beginner, progress can be made quickly.  This is great for motivation.  However, the array of gym equipment, conflicting training styles, and conflicting nutritional information can be really confusing.  If you’re wanting to begin a fitness program and need some basic…

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Struggling to stick to a diet?

By amanda comstock | Apr 30, 2017

Are you finding it difficult to stick to a diet? Body fat loss isn’t fast, isn’t easy, and doesn’t happen by magic.  It’s a process – physically and emotionally – of consistent hard work and commitment.  Many lose motivation or give up when they don’t see results today.  But just think about it: it didn’t take…

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Rumble Roller Gator review

Rumble Roller Gator Review

By amanda comstock | Apr 15, 2017

Rumble Roller Gator review.  I’ve tested the newest addition to the Rumble Roller product line, the Rumble Roller Gator.  I’m loving the smaller size (in length and in circumference) making it easier to pack & carry to the gym or traveling.  I find it to be more user friendly and my clients at the gym…

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kids and healthy eating

Kids and healthy eating

By amanda comstock | Mar 8, 2017

America has a child obesity crisis Kids and healthy eating…many would call this an oxymoron.  Sadly, America’s children are becoming even more obese statistically.  Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is showing up in children from such massive intakes of fructose – incredibly disturbing.  There is food readily available almost everywhere, yet children are malnourished.  It’s a…

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Balance hormones naturally

By amanda comstock | Feb 4, 2017

Are imbalanced hormones wreaking havoc on your life? Poor sleep quality.  Difficulty losing body fat.  Low libido.  Chronic acne.  Brain fog.  Chronic and generalized fatigue.  These are all symptoms of imbalanced hormones.  It can be  frustrating and leave you playing a guessing game.  It’s likely your doctor tells you you’re “fine” since your imbalanced levels…

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10 tips to stick with training

By amanda comstock | Jan 24, 2017

Motivation-Monday January is the busiest time of year for health clubs.  People sign up for memberships with good intentions: to exercise more, to eat better, to get healthier, to stick with training.  But after the first few weeks of the year, about a third are struggling to show up even once a week.  After several…

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